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19 June

International Wing Tsjun Summer Camp (Leichlingen, Germany)

Start: 19.06.2020 um: 17:00 Uhr
Ende: 21.06.2020 um: 21:00 Uhr
Ort: Moltkestraße 25, 42799 Leichlingen


The Summer Camp - the biggest and most successful event of the year.

Be there or be square, literally.

For twenty years the international summer camp takes place  in Leichlingen and what began as a cooperation of three befriended German schools grew into an international event of grand scale.

Everything happens here; student and technician gradings, WT anniversaries, sifu and master grade nominations, demonstrations and the performance of traditional tea ceremonies.

Guest teachers such as judo legend Marcus Temming, actor Dirk Heinrichs or the stunt choreograph of the "Ip Man" movies Sifu Leo Au Yeung were here and this year´s line-up to looks very promising too.

But first and foremost what the summer camp is about is intense training with people you may otherwise never see in person. Where else can a 2nd student grade from Kuwait cross arms in a friendly manner with the national director of Brazil?

This is what has always made the summer camps fantastic; friendships that conquer continents.


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