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6 December

Kids Kung Fu Grading Seminar (Benrath, Germany)

Start: 06.12.2020 um: 09:30 Uhr
Ende: 06.12.2020 um: 13:00 Uhr
Ort: Hospitalstraße 45, 40597 Benrath

Belt Grading for our youngest students.

Apart from the fact that the WT Grandmaster himself personally tests the children, what makes these events so special is the openly conducted black belt examinations that leaves the audience in Awe every single time.

One the examination is over, the kids have the opportunity to take pictures together with their instructor team and the WT Shop is present with special conditions for clothing and equipment.

For further information, please contact:

BDS Headoffice
Phone: 49 2173 297 2015
E-Mail: headoffice@wingtsjun.com
Website: www.wingtsjun.com


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